Higuruma [Raw Talent That Even Rivals Gojo Satoru] CT EXPLAINED

Higuruma from Jujutsu kaisen (jjk) explained, why he is so important and what potential it hides and why sukuna compares him to Gojo Satoru


Higuruma's Early Life and Career

 Higuruma wasn’t a sorcerer from the very beginning; in fact, he was a lawyer who used to take the case of bad guys and use his intellect to prove them innocent anyway. He did not like to work on the cases that seemed easy to him. Higuruma is considered one of the most intelligent beings on Earth as he passed his law school entrance exam on the first attempt, and that too with minimal effort. 

As we all know Jujutsu kaisen is known for providing one of the best side characters and Gege has been introducing many interesting Characters in the midst of the Culling game one of the most important and interesting characters is Higuruma Hiromi Formely a Defence Attorney.

 Higuruma's Appearance and Personality

Higuruma  is a man of Moderate height with lightly Brown skin and a slender build. He has short dark-brown hair with a stringy texture that is styled to flow toward the back of his head. Higuruma has brown eyes with small pupils. He is very hardworking and never keeps anything before his work and as a result he mostly has a tired expression due to overwork. he's an attorney

Higuruma JJK (Jujutsu Kaisen)  explained

Personality: People often Mistake Higuruma as a boring person because of his tired expression Boring expressions but in reality, he is very passionate about justice and as a result, he is fed up with the system of justice as the Current system is not serving Justice Accurately. Higuruma was Known to take Tough Cases where there are very Infant Chances of Defending the Accused. His Associates think that he is acting Tough by taking such types of cases but in reality, he takes such cases where people are wrongfully accused and tries to serve Correct Justice due to the Current System of Japan's Criminal Trials almost 99.99% of the Accused end up in the Guilty verdict. No matter how much he Planned or tried to protect the Innocent he always failed and because of such reasons he lost his trust in the Current Judicial system Higuruma is the type of person who will stand by his Ideals and Principles even if the whole World is Against him. 

He cannot leave things if he feels that things are wrong. No matter if the whole world is keeping its eyes Closed to ignore Reality but Higuruma will keep His Eyes open and work according to his Principles. Despite being So Hardworking and passionate about his work Higuruma is not in a good mental state as no matter what he does he is not able to protect anyone because of the current inadequate system, He always tries his best but always loses the case and his Client than blame Higuruma for not able to Justify them which his affecting his mental state

The Transformation into a Sorcerer and player in cullling game

In his recent case when the Justice system found his client Guilty despite His breathtaking evidence he had a mental Breakdown and at the same time, Kenjaku took action after using Mahito's power which resulted in Unlocking Higuruma's Cursed technique. having his technique just unlocked while already in a Snapped Mood Higuruma's rage took over and then he began a retrial at the very Moment in which he succeeded in providing Justice to the wrongfully Accused and killed the prosecutor and the judge. After this trial Higuruma's Mental health was drowning even more as he was forced to try methods he never used before, he then disconnected from the laws of society and admitted that he cared very little for anything and started challenging himself to try methods his previous self wouldn't.

Higuruma JJK (Jujutsu Kaisen)  explained

 At this point, Higuruma kept his principles aside and decided to take matters into his own hands. We all saw the scene where he was lying in the bathtub full of water with his clothes and tie on just like a depressed man. Despite being in such a Mental State Higuruma joked with Itadori as if he was going through a normal life Crisis. after he became a player in the culling game Higuruma became interested in the possibilities of the game, at this point Higuruma accepted that law is completely powerless and on the other hand, he believed that the culling game was perfect as the rulebreakers in this Game will be punished without delay. He saw his perfect world in this game and wanted to see how the game ended despite the number of people dying because of this game

The Culling Game and Higuruma's Role

When Yuji came to ask Higuruma for his points to stop this game, Higuruma reminded himself that the law was powerless and he was tired of trying to protect the Ugly weaklings. Due to his bad Mental state, Higuruma started to label people he once tried to save as Ugly. He also labelled Yuji ugly just like everyone else because regardless of what he aspires to be, only emptiness lies ahead.

 He even said to Yuji that when he started trying new methods Killing the people who annoyed him felt a lot better than he expected. hen then started fighting Yuji with the intent to eliminate him. But when the moment Yuji started Confessing about the Destruction and the Bloodbath that Sukuna Caused and Started Blaming himself for that Crime Higuruma's killing intent was reduced, no matter how much he tried to ignore Yuji's Confession he could not do it, Higuruma knew that Yuji was blaming himself for the crime he never committed and thus stopped fighting him because he remembered his old self and his Principles and why he got into Law in the first place, Higuruma returned his calm state of mind like before and agreed to talk to Yuji and eventually agreed to use his 100 points to help the people.

Higuruma told Yuji that he could not accompany him any further because he himself carries the guilt of Killing the prosecutor and the judge during his previous Trial(Keita's trial). He felt very awful after killing someone of his own volition. He needed to ponder his course of action and get space from Yuji because he reminded him of how far he fell from his roots

Higuruma potential

Overall Skill level:

Higuruma was always someone considered a genius by those around him. he was a brilliant lawyer who overcame the toughest challenges with minimum effort. But the moment he became a sorcerer, he really showed that he was not to be underestimated. He analyzed the innate technique that came by default with his Domain Expansion and learned the fundamentals of barrier techniques from that. By essentially reverse engineering barrier techniques, Higuruma attainted an instinctive grasp on how to manipulate cursed energy. Even after awakening their cursed techniques people usually take time to fully understand it as well as use it accordingly but Higuruma managed to do so in a mere 12 Days and became a sorcerer with a similar level of grade 1.

He Executed various Cursed spirits before entering Tokyo Colony No. 1 and Killed 20 sorcerers after entering the Colony This made him the first Morern sorcerer to gather 100 points. Higurama's Cursed technique and his talent as a Lawyer were a perfect match for each other as he already prosecuted opponents with his superior knowledge of Law and faced them one-on-one in his domain.

Once the judgeman punishes his opponent(by Confestication of their cursed technique) Higurama can easily Crush his opponents through his Shapeshifting Gavel

Higuruma JJK (Jujutsu Kaisen)  explained

Expert Armed Combatant and Superior IQ:

Higuruma is highly proficient at wielding his gavel-cursed tool in battle. His main form of direct combat is using the gavel to smash his opponents. He makes it slightly change form to emulate an arsenal, displaying his weapon dexterity and ability to wield different types of arms.

Even after so little battle experience, he is quickly able to identify his opponent's strengths and weaknesses and act accordingly. To him Understanding the Jujutsu world was a Challenge similar to a tough Case and he is known to solve these types of challenging cases. In just a mere two weeks Higuruma did the impossible by achieving a level similar to a Grade 1 sorcerer.



Higuruma was born a non-sorcerer and lived that way most of his life until he was given the capacity to develop a cursed technique by Kenjaku. Higuruma manifested high levels of cursed energy and a powerful cursed technique capable of standing out among all the Culling Game players. After grasping the nature of his domain, Higuruma was able to master cursed energy reinforcement as well·


Deadly sentencing is Higuruma's innate technique is linked to his Domain Expansion by default. It manifests a small courtroom domain surrounded by guillotines where he and his opponent are placed on podiums standing across from one other. This domain does not use a guaranteed hit, instead, anyone inside is simply forced to follow its rules. Violence is not permitted in the domain and anyone who tries to engage will be returned to their podium. Inside the courtroom, Judgeman floats behind Higuruma, who acts as the prosecution. Higuruma's opponent is the defendant and Judgeman knows everything about everyone inside the domain. Higuruma does not receive any information from Judgeman, just evidence the shikigami submits for deliberation. The evidence is not conclusive and the defendant is not told what's inside.

Higuruma JJK (Jujutsu Kaisen)  explained

 While inside the domain, the defendant is put on trial by the Judgeman and the verdict depends solely on the arguments they make with Higuruma. The defendant's goal is to dispel all doubt and earn a pronouncement of innocence from Judgeman. Both the defendant and the prosecution have just one chance to make a statement before Judgeman delivers a verdict. The defendant has three options: silence, confession, and denial. After which Higuruma has a chance to offer his rebuttal based on the evidence he was given. All of these rules must be explained as per a Binding Vow on the domain. guilty verdict can result in Judgeman confiscating their ability to control cursed energy.


Higuruma possesses a cursed technique that allows him to conjure a large shikigami with a black body that has three stubbed points that act as two arms and a leg. Each arm holds a scale and the shikigami's white face has eyes that are sewn shut with three switches each. This gives Judgeman an appearance that resembles Lady Justice, which represents "blind justice". Judgeman has the ability to speak and is apparently impatient.·


Domain Amplification Expands Higuruma's domain over his body like an aura, allowing him to neutralize cursed techniques that come in physical contact with him. While domain amplification is active, his innate technique cannot be activated, causing anything created with it, such as the Executioner's Sword, to disappear but still manages to mantain his sword from disappearing during battel with sukuna . 

Sukuna the king of Curses saw his potential and recognised his talent similar to Gojo Satoru and also admitted he can control curse energy at my level.

Cursed Tool:-Gavel: 

In addition to his shikigami and his domain, Higuruma's gavel-cursed tool is connected to his innate technique as well. It is a highly versatile weapon that can change its proportions to emulate different weapons, such as a hammer, staff, hook, and giant mallet among other tools. Higuruma can freely conjure the weapon in either hand, allowing him to freely switch it between them as well as return it to his grip if he were to throw or let go of it. In the event of the Death Penalty, the gavel will change into the Executioner's Sword.

Executioner's Sword:

Higuruma JJK (Jujutsu Kaisen)  explained

 It is a one-hit kill sword and can destroy the soul of the person who got the death penalty in deadly sentencing and  currently, it is the only way to destroy sukuna 


HE can also use the reversed cursed technique and learned reverse cursed technique in the brink of death situation, similar to gojo. during his battle between sukuna (it's one of  the epic moments when you will earn higurumas respect  and see his determination to fulfil his mission )

Battles & Events related to Higuruma

.After Higurama proved that Itadori was guilty the Judgeman Confiscated his Cursed Energy(this happened because Itadori doesn't have a Cursed technique). He tried to eliminate Itadori immediately but Itadori kept resisting thanks to his Superhuman Physical Prowess. Higuruma responded by going all out and his full might nearly eliminated Yuji, who only managed to save himself by demanding a retrial at the last moment. Itadori on the brink of his defeat accepted that Higuruma is extremely powerful. Higuruma is a brilliant lawyer as well as a brilliant fighter because of his superior battle IQ.

Higuruma JJK (Jujutsu Kaisen)  explained

With the help of his superior intellect after the Judgeman confiscated Yuji's cursed energy, Higuruma was quick to figure out that this occurred because Yuji does not possess an innate cursed technique. He also surmised that sorcerers normally lose their instincts after having their cursed technique taken away. While not having cursed energy is even more disadvantageous, Yuji survived Higuruma's onslaught with pure innate talent. Rather than write Yuji off, Higuruma the threat he possessed and never underestimated Yuji. Instead, he immediately poured all his effort into crushing Yuji before giving him any chance.


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