Mahoraga JJK Powers And Abilities Explained

Eight-Handled Sword Divergent Sila Divine General Mahoraga is a Shikigami in Jujutsu kaisen who can be summoned only by a user of the Zenin clan

what is a Shikigami?

Shikigami are basically Spiritual beings and they can be only seen by Sorcerers which means people who can use cursed energy can see them. Many sorcerers use shikigami in fights and the first time we saw a Shikigami was in the first episode of JJK when Megumi used his Divine Dogs to fight a curse.

In order to use a Shikigami a user needs to fully tame it or in some cases, Shikigami Comes attached with a Cursed Technique where the user can use them without any Procedure. Once the Shikigami is tammed by his Master fully their strength also gets connected to their Master means that Shikigami's strength not only depends on him but also his Master's strength.

Throughout the story in JJK we saw many different shikigami with unique powers and one of these Shikigami is Divine General Mahoraga (referred to as Makora in Anime)

Who is Mahoraga Jujutsu Kaisen?

Eight-Handled Sword Divergent Sila Divine General Mahoraga is a Shikigami in Jujutsu kaisen who can be summoned only by a user of the Zenin clan which has an innate cursed technique named Ten shadow technique by a Special Incantation

Mahoraga is the only shikigami who cannot be tamed by any ten shadow technique user throughout history due to his special overwhelming powers and physical attributes

Mahoraga is the only Character who can rival the most powerful Characters of Jujutsu kaisen that is sukuna, Gojo, and kenjaku. It is easily at a special Grade Level and one of the top 5 most powerful characters in the Jujutsu kaisen universe


Mahoraga is white in colour and has a heavily built muscular humanoid figure as well as great height. there are four wings which are projecting outwards from his eye Sockets and has a long Tale like structure on the back of his head. above his head, there is a floating 8-handled wheel that rotates when Mahoraga adapts to any phenomena. Furu's Incantation of the Ten Sacred Treasures and this wheel represent a complete cycle and harmony.

Mahoraga's abilities and powers

  • Adaptation: Mahoraga has the Ability of adaption and can adapt to any phenomenon, which means he can adapt to your attack as well as defence due to this he is one of the most dangerous foe a sorcerer can fight. and untamed shikigami throughout the history of the Zenin clan
  • Sword of Extermination: Mahoraga has a blade attached to one of his forearms named The Blade of Extermination which is encompressed with positive energy and is very powerful against Curses, Even sukuna admitted at a level of 15 fingers that the Sword of Extermination can one shot him if he were a Curse
  • physical powers: Mahoraga also has the Superhuman Strength and can send anyone flying easily with one of his punches. For example – Mahoraga sent Sukuna flying in the air with a single punch. even without his powers, he is literally a beast and worthy of his title of divine general
  • Super regeneration: Mahoraga has super regeneration which makes him  an unbeatable monsters and we can see how he can regenerate his hands again which was cut by sukuna and  injuries from slash attack at ease 

Why does Megumi summon Mahoraga?

Mahoraga JJK  Powers And Abilities Explained

No Ten Shadows technique user was able to Tame Mahoraga in the history of Zenin Clan but Mahoraga can be summoned in a ritual of exorcism and exorcise it for the sake of taming him. other people can also be included in the ritual but ultimately it should be the Ten Shadows technique user who Should Exorcise Mahoraga or the ritual will fail.

Megumi started the ritual to summon Mahoraga 4 times but stopped the summoning in between each time until in Shibuya after he was heavily injured by Haruta he summoned Mahoraga on the 5th attempt by saying special incantation :

**With this treasure, I summon Eight-Handled Sword Divergent Sila Divine General Mahoraga

At that moment megumi wants to use his trump card before dying ( Imagine summoning a 100 Lvl Monster to fight a Lvl 3 enemy) Mahoraga would have killed both of them if Sukuna hadn't arrived on time and saved Megumi by healing him with reversed cursed technique.

Is it possible to defeat mahoraga?

as the fight goes on mahoraga will adapt your moves and further adapt to create a counter move and the cycle goes on until the opponents are defeated. so the only possible way to exorcise Mahoraga is to one shot kill attack which was done by the two strongest characters in the Jujutsu Kaisen universe, Ryomen Sukuna and Gojo Satoru

Mahoraga JJK  Powers And Abilities Explained

Mahoraga vs Sukuna

While Fighting Sukuna Mahoraga Adapted to his dismantle and cleave technique and gave Sukuna a tough fight. sukuna understood that Mahoraga had the potential to counter all Slashing Attacks if he had been given time he could defeat him and decided to defeat Mahoraga with a Different attack and hence used his domain expansion Malevont shrine to defeat him with a barrage of Innumerable slashes but again mahoraga adapted the domain expansion and menacingly starts walking towards sukuna ( it one hell of a scene) and then finishing him off with his Powerful Flame Arrow.

Is Mahoraga stronger than sukuna

The simple answer is no, mahoraga is not stronger than sukuna because 15-finger sukuna can easily defeat mahoraga in one shot by using a flame arrow

Mahoraga vs Yoruzu

While Fighting Yoruzu Sukuna summons Mahoraga's Wheel above his head and says that its time for a test drive and then continued the fight with Yoruzu, After Yoruzu Constructed her domain "Threefold Affliction" with her technique "True Spear" Mahoraga wheel rotates indicating that he has adapted to her technique and then Sukuna switched places with Mahoraga and mahoraga who is already adapted to her domain pierced the domain with his Sword of Extermination and Destroyed her domain as well as struck and defeated her.

Mahoraga vs Gojo Satoru

While Gojo vs sukuna he was summoned by sukuna as a tamed shikigam to overcome Gojo’s infinity by adapting and Mahoraga successfully Adapted to his infinity it took the wheel 5 rotation to adapt to Infinity but still gojo overpowered him throughout the battle

dont forget Gojo was doing 1 v 3 at that time which included sukuna, mahoraga, and merged beast agito (nue totality )

as the battle continued Mahoraga further adapted and created a counter move that bypassed infinity until before he was using his physical strength and used Sukuna's technique "Dismantle" and Slashed through Gojo's infinity and cut one of his arm a feat which no one accomplished by anyone before him. Due to this sukuna was able to learn the World Slash and was able to defeat Gojo by Slashing through his Infinity.

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Mahoraga JJK  Powers And Abilities Explained

Is Mahoraga stronger than Gojo?

now we are talking about mahoraga a tamed shikigami of sukuna and as you know shikigami power also depends on the user but is it stronger than gojo?

the answer is no even mahoraga adapted his infinity gojo and easily overpowered him throughout the fight and in the last one shot him through his special hollow purple resulting in killing mahoraga and heavily injuring sukuna in the process

Is Mahoraga dead and cannot be summoned again?

the first mahoraga is exorcised by sukuna during a ritual but doesn't die because the ritual is void due to third-party interference and mahoraga's body is exorcised but his wheel is intact and absorbed by showdow indicating he can be summoned again

but during in Shinjuku showdown arc when summoned by sukuna to tame shikigami and second he was exorcised by Gojo using hollow purple and cannot be summoned again because a tamed shikigami died and for proof, he died with his along its wheel indicating he is completely exorcised

wait did you know what happens when ten shadow shikigami dies? the answer is he can come back again by a technique called totality which is the fusion of dead shikigami and alive shikigami. basically in totality died shikigami power was passed down to another shikigami for example agito

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currently, Chapter 248 drops and the idea of mahoraga returning seems impossible to me I think the only way to see mahoraga again is if somehow Megumi get his body back from sukuna and uses totality

Mahoraga JJK  Powers And Abilities Explained

How many times and when Mahoraga is summoned in JJK

Mahoraga has been summoned three times:

  1. Summoned in Shibuya arc and fought Sukuna
  2. Summoned in Culling game arc and fought Yorozu
  3. Summoned in Shinjuku showdown arc to fight Gojo Satoru