JJK Chapter 251 - Theories And Brief Review

Spoilers and review on jujutsu kaisen Chapter 251. The chapter starts with Yuta explaining that because of Sukuna’s last finger he learned cleave

1.  Jujutsu kaisen manga chapter 251 overview:-

Hello Nakama, Senpai is back with the Spoilers and info on Chapter 251 so let us remember what we saw in the last chapter.

As we all know that Yuta has entered the battlefield to face Sukuna and used his overwhelming Domain Expansion to defeat Sukuna. Yuta has showed us in the last 2 chapters that why he is known as a Special Grade Sorcerer. Yuta is giving Sukuna a tough fight and Itadori is acting as Yuta’s Backup. We all saw in the last chapter that Yuta is using all of the technique he copied randomly and in the last panel we saw that Yuta used Sukuna’s Cursed technique Cleave on Sukuna himself which left Sukuna in a Shock.

Now let us see what is happening in the latest Chapter. 

2.  Summary of the JJK Chapter :-

a)   The chapter starts with Yuta explaining that because of Sukuna’s last finger he was able to learn Cleave and started attacking Sukuna again as they realize that this is their last chance to defeat Sukuna.

b)   Yuta than Spits blood from his Mouth on Sukuna’s Face and Yuji’s whole concentration is bring his friend Megumi back to his senses.

c)   Rika Cornered Sukuna by Grabbing and slamming him on the floor and Yuji then Kicked on his face.

d)   Sukuna while being attacked by Yuji and Rika realised that how much his control on Megumi’s body has fallen which his resulting in reducing his Cursed energy Output.

e)   Feeling irritated Sukuna then closes his Hollow wicker Basket and plans to launch a World Cutting Slash in the three of them.

f)    Yuta had hoped for this Outcome and already came up with a plan and tried to stop him by not giving him time to perform the World Slash.

g)   They then Cut one of the Sukuna’s Arm and Yuji does something which makes the blood which Yuta Spat on Sukuna’s face explode.

h)   Yuji then tells in a Flashback that no matter how much two souls co-exist with each other it is impossible for two souls to become One.

i)     Hana tells them that Angel’s Jacob ladder will come very handy in splitting Sukuna’s Soul from Megumi’s body once Sukuna’s control has Weakened.

j)     Yuji and Rika then hold Sukuna’s Arm while Yuta unleashes a Maximum output Jacob’s Ladder on Sukuna which damages Sukuna heavily and burned him like a fried Chip.

k)   Yuji then again tries to split their Soul and was able to see Megumi’s Soul lying down. Yuji called out to Megumi but Megumi was beyond depressed and had lost the will to do anything. Megumi replies to Itadori in a Sad state that nothing matters to him anymore.

l)     Sukuna regains some of his Cursed energy by chanting and uses World Slash on the three of them which results in breaking of the Domain.

m) As soon as the Domain breaks Sukuna is Pierced by Maki with her Soul Splitting Katana.

3.  Important confirmations: -

     I.       Sukuna’s Control has been fallen more than the last chapter and Megumi has been able to wake up a little but he doesn't want to wake up beacuse of grief and guilt 

JJK Chapter 251 - Theories And Brief Review

  II.     Maki’s long-awaited entry has been made with an Astonishing Attack on Sukuna.

4. Artwork and Style

  The Artwork in this Chapter was Awesome as always and if you ask Senpai about his favourite Panel than it would be the entry of Maki Senpai and the panel where Yuta uses Jacob’s Ladder on Sukuna.

JJK Chapter 251 - Theories And Brief Review
5. Reader’s Perspective

This was the end of the chapter 251. We will get the leaks on chapter 251 after a 1-week Break. But again, overall chapter is interesting we get insight into how the story will go in the next few chapters. The most interesting thing in the latest chapter is that the strongest fighters are all gathered to fight the King of curses.

6. Predictions and Theories 

JJK Chapter 251 - Theories And Brief Review

   As we all know that Maki has entered the battlefield and made her first move against Sukuna. Even Sukuna had recognised her strength back when he acquired Megumi’s Body and fought her.

Senpai Predicts that the coming battle will Surpass the battles that were fought recently and we will see Itadori’s True Potential and fan most awaited battle between maki and Sukuna (because maki=toji strenth wise technically)but the sad part is Yuta was hit by a world cut slash. will he survive (sadly I don't think because of this brutal manga panel) or just past the torch to Yuji? 

JJK Chapter 251 - Theories And Brief Review