Merged Beast Agito Shikigami JJK Explained

Chimera Beast Agito is a fusion of shikigami summmon by sukuna by chanting nue totality which means it consist a properties of fused shikigami


all readers were shocked because Sukuna not only used mahoraga but also a new shikigami called merged beast agito or chimera Beast Agito doing a 3 v 1 battle against gojo. this shows that sukuna does not want to give any time to Gojo for healing and prevents him from using hollow purple and Gojo's reputation why he is called the strongest sorccer in the modern era. but let us talk about merged beast agito

what is merged beast agito  or  chimera Beast Agito

Chimera Beast Agito is a fusion of shikigami summoned by Sukuna by chanting nue totality which means it consists of properties of fused shikigami by using nue as a core (neu is the name of shikigami just in case you do not know ) and we also see its appearance based on nue and other shikigami.


How Merged Beast Agito looks

Merged Beast Agito is a towering and muscular humanoid shikigami with a feathered mane, a mask over its face that resembles Nue's, feathered arms that end in claws, black antlers that protrude from its head, a feminine torso with black stripes, tiger-like feet, and a tail that ends in a snake's head.

based on appearance and gojo statement in manga 234 we confirm Nue totality is a fusion of four shikigami named Nue, great serpent, mourn tiger, and round deer and fusion is called a merged beast agito with abilities of four shikigami

Merged Beast Agito power shown in JJK manga

we see Agito in chapters 233 and 234 only, summoned by sukuna himself by using the ten shadow technique, it is a powerful shikigami and has an electricity power attack from Neu and reversed cursed technique from round deer and 2 unknown techniques of the great serpent and mourn tiger which is not shown

agito uses his electricity by surrounding himself in his hands and making an electric punch to deliver damage to his opponents and using the roundhouse deer reversed cursed technique to heal not only himself but also Sukuna. we can see him healing and regenerating his great serpent tail

sukuna is using Agito to heal himself as well as using him to distract Gojo Satoru in a fight between mahoraga. merged beast agitio is a powerful shikigami with the ability to attack, defend, and provide support for its user.

Merged Beast Agito destroyed by Gojo Satoru

Agito was hit in the abdomen by a Black Flash from Gojo Satoru but immediately healed from it. Satoru then grabbed its tail and threw it with enough force to rip off the snake's head, but Agito subsequently regenerated it as well


after seeing Agito's RCT technique gojo deduced its fusion shikigamis with his ability and prioritised that he needed to prevent Agito from healing Sukuna completely,

When Agito attempted to hit an electric punch attack but it stopped because of Gojo's infinity, after Satoru puch Agito with his fist covered in blue and increased blue output to maximum due to this, agito got covered in attraction and got completely crushed in a tiny ball, kind similarly like hanami and got destroyed /killed.

can merged beast agito /chimera beast agito really be summoned again?

No, Merged Beast Agito cannot be summoned again after getting killed. Merged Beast Agito is a fusion of four shikigami: Nue, Great Serpent, Round Deer, and Tiger Funeral. When a shikigami of the Ten Shadows Technique gets killed or destroyed in battle, they can’t be summoned or manifested ever again, but its energy is inherited or passed on to the other shikigami

also, agito cannot be summoned again because in chapter 238 we see sukuna resume its transformation while fighting Kashimo so I think sukuna cannot use the Ten shadow technique anymore

but it is debatable most of JJK fandom is saying it cannot be summoned again which might be true because Neu with totality got killed/exorcised


Agito and the other shikigami’s:

  1. This form seems to have Nue at its core because we don’t see Sukuna chanting the names of other shikigami.
  2. When it came to Divine Dog: Totality, the inheritance only happened after one of the dogs died (at the Juvenile Detention Center).
  3. We don’t know if Nue totality powers can be just inherited by other totality shikigami (if it is possible it will be interesting to see a shikigami with all tens shadows powers )

Well, for me, it is definitely hard to come to a conclusion because there’s not a lot of confirmation from the writer. However, I am interested to hear your thoughts so do drop them in the comments below!