The Zenin Clan Explained: Cursed Techniques , Conflict, and Hierarchy in JJK

Zenin Clan is One of the Big Three Clans and is Known for its Unique and powerful Cursed technique called The Ten Shadow Technique

Introduction of zenin clan

Zenin Clan is One of the Big Three Clans and is Known for its Unique and powerful Cursed technique called The Ten Shadow Technique. It is a technique that allows the User to Summon ten different kinds of Shikigami from the user's Shadow, each shikigami has different Powers and looks like an Animals except Divine General Mahoraga who looks like a Monster.

The Zenin Clan Explained: Cursed Techniques , Conflict, and Hierarchy in JJK

Characteristics of the Zenin Clan

Zenin Clan's members are known to be arrogant and egoistic because of the Imperial Status given to them as a Big Three Clan. The Zenin Clan values a person based on their Cursed technique, the Members with weak techniques are always neglected and kept aside in this family.

Zenin Toji who was as powerful as a Special Grade Sorcerer was neglected by the Zenin clan which resulted in him leaving the clan and Changing his surname from Zenin to Fushiguro(Imagine Neglecting Toji who had the power to rip the whole clan to shreds if he wanted to). Women were not at all encouraged in this clan as they didn't have powerful cursed techniques as well and the male members didn't want the women to have the spotlight as a Sorcerer.

Conflict of the Zenin clan with the Gojo clan

Once Megumi asked Gojo why there had been a conflict between the gojo and the zenin clan Gojo replied that around 350 years ago the leaders of both clans had a battle to the death and this resulted in both the families hating each other and the leader of gojo clan that time had the same technique as Gojo Satoru(Six eyes+ Infinity) and Zenin clan's leader had the same technique as Megumi(Ten Shadow technique)

The Zenin Clan Explained: Cursed Techniques , Conflict, and Hierarchy in JJK

Notable Members of Zenin clan and Their Stories

Maki had a Similar Condition to Toji and hence was neglected by Zenin Clan and therefore left the clan to become a First Grade sorcerer and Show the Clan her Real Worth but the Zenin clan kept interfering in her promotion and kept her at Grade Four to break her Will but She Didn't Give up.

Maki's Twin sister Mai had a very Useful Cursed Technique but was Lacking in Cursed energy Output and thus was also neglected but after Maki left the clan and became a Sorcerer the clan Forced Mai to become a Sorcerer even when it was against her will.

In the Big Three Clans members who awakened the Inherited Technique(i.e. Ten Shadow Technique) of the Clan were initially promoted to the head of the Clan. In the Present Era, none of the Clan Members Awakened the Inherited technique but Toji's Son Fushiguro Megumi awakened the Ten Shadow Technique and thus the Zenin Clan were ready to reintroduce him back into the Clan and were even willing to pay a hefty sum of money to Toji for Megumi.

Toji Agreed to their terms because he believed that Megumi had talent and it would be a good choice to send him back to the clan as the clan has a great environment for Talented Sorcerers.

The Recent Head of the family was Naobito Zenin who was a grade-one Sorcerer and was known as the second-fastest sorcerer next to Gojo Satoru. He had a will in which he left everything to his Son Naoya Zenin who Exactly like his father believes in the shitty Tradition of the Zenin clan.

Naoya was so happy to become the Clan's leader that he was not at all bothered by his father's death and was looking forward to it but according to the will Naobito made If under any Circumstances Gojo Satoru was dead then the Next head would be Megumi.

The Zenin Clan Explained: Cursed Techniques , Conflict, and Hierarchy in JJK

As Megumi inherited the Ten Shadow Technique it was Naobito's decision to make Megumi the next Head of the Zenin Clan but it was not possible thanks to Gojo Satoru. After Gojo was sealed the Jujutsu World Higherups decided to not Unseal him and made a new law that whoever tried to unseal Gojo Satoru would be deemed a Criminal and would be Executed.

Thus it was believed that Gojo Satoru would never return and Naobito's decision to make Megumi the head of the clan was Successful. But even when Most of the Clan members believed that Megumi was much more suited to become the Clan's Head because he had Gojo Satoru's support and was a friend of Norotoshi Kamo who was announced the next head of the Kamo Clan they never had the intention of Supporting Megumi and were ready to kill Megumi so that he never becomes the Clan's head.

Leadership Dynamics in Zenin clan

Megumi was not at all interested in accepting the role of the Head of the Zenin Clan and thus decided not to be, he believed that Maki was much more capable than him but Maki knew that no one would believe in her from the Clan and thus it was not possible and therefore she made Megumi understood her feelings and Atlast decided to Accept the role and become the Head of the Clan.

After Megumi met Master Tengen and discussed with him a plan to Unseal Gojo satoru he gave Maki official permission to take all the Cursed tools she wanted from the Clan's Cursed Warehouse.

Internal Conflict and Zenin clan Destruction

when Maki entered the Cursed warehouse she saw her father Zenin Ogi there waiting for her. ogi's plan was to kill Maki and Mai and he removed all the weapons from the warehouse and used her sister Mai as a Captive to capture Maki. Ogi then defeated Maki and brought both the Sisters into a Big room filled with Grade 2 Curses which were used by the Zenin family for training Purposes.

he left both of the daughters there to die in the room blaming them for being weak and using the excuse that they were trying to unseal Gojo and make them Criminal in Jujutsu headquarters eyes. His plan was flawless and both the sisters were about to be killed when the Younger sister Mai used all of her Cursed energy to make a Cursed weapon as power as a Special grade Cursed tool and Sacrificed her life in this process.

But before Sacrificing her life she asked Maki to kill everyone in the Zenin clan and destroy the Clan. After Mai was dead the little Cursed Energy that Maki had in her also vanished and Hence Maki's True Potential came forward. She became the most powerful person in the Zenin Clan and had a strength similar to Zenin Toji

The Zenin Clan Explained: Cursed Techniques , Conflict, and Hierarchy in JJK

She Overpowered all the Curses and then all the Men in the Zenin Family and killed each one of them. Naoya was a little challenging for Maki but after concentrating on his technique she defeated him but he survived the fatal blow that Maki gave him but eventually, he was killed by Maki's Mother.

Since Maki's mother killed him with a normal weapon rather than a Cursed weapon. Naoya Zenin returned after becoming a Curse( Note: it is said that a sorcerer should be killed using a cursed technique or he/she will return as a Curse).

Naoya became a Special grade Curse and his technique became more refined and powerful than before. But in the end, he was killed by Maki again. Since Maki killed each and every Member of the Clan The Zenin Clan was voted out of the big three clans by the other two Clans.

Zenin Battle Units

Other info on the Clan Zenin Clan also had battle units named the Kukuru unit, the Hei unit and the Akashi unit. The Kukuru unit consisted of the Members of the clan who didn't awaken any cursed technique and the Hei unit Consisted of Members who were ranked as Semi grade one or grade one sorcerers and Naoya Zenin was their captain. The Akashi Unit consisted of members who awakened their Cursed technique but were ranked as grade 2 or normal and thus could not join the Hei uni

List of  Know Zenin Clan Members

The Members in the Zenin family are:

Zenin Naobito ( Former Head)

Zenin Megumi ( Current head, Former Outcast)

Zenin Naoya

Zenin Ogi 

Zenin Jinichi 

Zenin Chojuro 

Zenin Ranta

 Zenin Toji(Outcast)

Zenin Maki(Outcast)

Zenin Mai

Zenin Nobuaki(Head of the Kukuru unit)

and many unnamed Member