Sukuna World Cut Slash in Jujutsu Kaisen how it really works and theory Explained

How does sukuna World Cut Slash really works and is it needs binding vow to perform explained here by with both facts and theory


Sukuna’s World-Cutting Slash outcome and questions 

One of the most unexpected and mind-boggling moments in Jujutsu Kaisen was when Sukuna unleashed his world-cutting slash on Gojo, the strongest sorcerer in the world. The slash was so powerful that it sliced through the entire Shibuya district, leaving a huge gap in the city. The slash also bypasses Gojo’s infinity, a feat that no one else could achieve in the modern era of JJK. What exactly is this world cut slash and how does it work? Why is it so important from a story perspective? In this post, we will discuss these questions and more.

(this post is explained and written by my own opinions and perspective so do share your own opinion in the comments )

what we know so far about World cut Slash/Dismantle Explained

so how does it bypass Gojo Infinity is trending in every JJK fandom?

The description of world cut slash in the manga is: its target was not Satoru gojo, it extended all the way to space, existence and the world themself, so as to cut them

first, we see this attack in chapter 234 by Mahoraga who sliced Gojo's arm and indicates the all the spectators that it adpats Gojo infinity and can bypass it. second in chapter 236 while dealing a final blow used by sukuna and bisects the honour one and third in chapter 238 sukuna vs Kashimo

from this we can deduce we have some knowledge of how it works so here are my opinions and share your comments I am waiting for your opinions

Sukuna’s World cut Slash/Dismantle explainedworld cut explain

Fortunately, we got some more information about Sukuna’s slash in Chapter 246, when Kusakabe, discovered that Sukuna’s slash is an extension of his dismantle technique, which is a long-range slashing attack that he can use without touching his target. However, to extend the target of his slash, Sukuna needs to either make a binding vow or charge up his curse energy. By doing so, he can target a particular space instead of an individual, and cut through it with his slash.

This was even shown in the fight with Kashimo, with Sukuna clearly using the word cut we see it's written ‘Dismantle’.


Sukuna’s  innate cursed technique: Slashing Techniques

To understand Sukuna’s slash better, we need to look at his other slashing techniques as well. Sukuna has two main slashing attacks: dismantle and cleave.



 sukuna can release a slash that travels through the air and cuts through anything in its path. He can also control the direction and the shape of his slash, making it curved or straight, narrow or wide. He can also use multiple slashes at once, creating a barrage of slashes that can cover a large area. it is a default slash


unlike dismantle which is a default attack, cleave is special, by changing the cursed energy output we can adjust its damage according to the opponent's toughness and barrier

Question Occur??: So Sukuna should increase its cursed energy output to match Gojo's infinity and slash him but is it really that simple? Of course not

because Gojo’s infinity is not a barrier. It’s a technique that manipulates the space around Gojo in a way that makes him untouchable. And this infinity or inviolability was what made him the strongest.

so here comes the sukuna world cut slash ( or we can say mahoraga technique )

Extending the Target from person to space 


So, how does Sukuna’s dismantle become a world/space slash? The key is to extend the target of his slash from individuals or objects that have a physical form to space itself.

by extending the target, Sukuna can target a particular space instead of an individual, and cut through it with his slash. This means that he can cut through anything that exists in that space, regardless of its shape or size. making the slash impossible to defend

However, this does not mean that Sukuna can cut through space-time. Space-time is the fabric of reality that connects space and time. Cutting through space-time would mean altering the laws of physics and creating paradoxes. Sukuna’s slash does not do that. It only cuts through the space that is within the bounds of reality. It does not affect the time or the causality of the events that happen in that space.

Power and Origin of world cut dismantle/ slash

Sukuna’s world-cutting slash is not a technique that he developed on his own. It is a technique that he learned from Mahoraga, who can adapt any cursed technique by changing the essence of his own cursed energy and adaption continues further

we all think sukuna plan is that he wants mahoraga to adapt Gojo Infinity but it's more than that, as we know mahoraga adapts techniques and continues the adaption further he wants Mahoraga to adapt its Infinity further to the point that he can counter and bypass infinity and provide a model of this space cutting slash know has world cut for sukuna to learn


we all see from time to time that sukuna can understand jujutsu at a different level and due to this he learns his opponent's technique.

A few examples are the fire arrow from Jogo, piercing blood from Choso ( using water instead of blood as a medium) and recently the infinity cutting technique dismantle world slash ( it has many names) from mahoraga

Limitations of the World-Cutting Slash/Dismantle 

so there have to be some limitations of this overpowered world cutting slash, what are some of the limitations that are speculated by fans and some are obvious to be seen in chapter 238

the most highlighted thing regarding World Cut Slash in chapter 238 is that sukuna uses a specific chant before releasing his slash and tells Kashimo to look out and Kashimo says “So this the slash which kills gojo Satouru”

when Kashimo, a sorcerer from the Kamo clan, somewhat managed to escape Sukuna’s slash in Chapter 238. because he was warned by sukuna himself representing confidence and arrogance that he could defeat Kashimo easily.

This indicates world cut slash can be escaped if the opponents know it's coming and have time to invade and this also raises a question: does the only limitation is Sukuna need to charge up his curse energy by chants to use his slash, or is it a choice that he makes?

I think it's his condition to use world cut because in chapter 247 he again uses his dismantle by enchanting specific chants which are “scale of the dragon, recoil, twin meteors, dismantle ” against Higuruma

Charging Up and Binding Vows

Sukuna may have made a binding vow to use his world-cutting slash. He may have imposed a condition on himself, such as reciting his chant or charging up his curse energy, and he gained a benefit in return, such as increasing the power or the range of his slash. This would explain why he always does these things before he uses his slash, and why he never uses his slash without them.

so it mostly confirms he needs to charge up by enchanting: “scale of the dragon, recoil, twin meteors, dismantle to use world cut but just enchantments to use this overpowered attack is fishy it has to be some kind of another binding vows said by many readers from JJK fandom

A binding vow is a contract that a sorcerer or a cursed spirit can make to enhance their technique or curse energy. By making a binding vow, they impose a condition or a restriction on themselves, and they gain a benefit or a boost in return.

I don't think enchanting before an attack can be a restriction, sure it can be a condition to use the attack. so what is the real binding vow or another condition to use world cut dismantle?

My theory

Your senpai theory about another binding vow is: that sukuna cannot use world cut all the time unless he acknowledges the opponent who can rival his strength or has the potential to kill him or the opponents reach  at certain power level to meet binding vow  conditions.

so on what basis i am telling this, the proof is as follows

  1. gojo vs sukuna - he knows Gojo has the power to exorcise him and originate and uses his world cut
  2. kashimo vs sukuna - kashimo has the potential to rival sukuna strength by transforming in his mythical beast form that's why sukuna resumed its transformation which helps all conditions to do world cut which are  sukuna's high cursed energy, enchantments,his opponent Power level
  3. higuruma vs sukuna - higuruma shows immense potential and sukuna admits that he can control its cursed energy at my level and have one hit sword to kill sukuna and he again uses world cut dismantle


In conclusion, Sukuna’s world-cutting slash is one of the most amazing and mysterious techniques in Jujutsu Kaisen. It is a technique that can cut through the space and anything in it, overcome Gojo’s infinity, a space manipulation technique that makes him invincible. Sukuna’s slash is a technique that he learns by seeing Mahoraga's technique so another possibility is he does not need any binding vow to use it because like his other technique, he doesn't need any binding vow or restriction but again the sukuna world cut dismantle is a special technique.

what are your thoughts about its binding vow and does it really cut space or does it have some other mechanism tell me in the comments one thing it's sure Sukuna’s slash is a technique that we can’t get enough of unless it's explained properly in the manga.