JJK Chapter 250 - Theories And Brief Review

As we all know Yuta’s domain allows him to set a technique he had previously copied to set as his Domain’s Sure Hit Effect


1. Jujutsu kaisen manga chapter 250 overview:

 In the last Chapter, we saw how Yuta Killed Kenjaku and returned to the battlefield to fight Sukuna and Used his Domain 

All-encompassing Unequivocal Love” and trapped Sukuna in it. We Saw that Yuta’s domain has a very beautiful sight with a ground full of katana which allows him to set a technique he had previously copied to set as his Domain’s Sure Hit effect. Now let us See what Gege have Cooked this Week. 

JJK Chapter 250 - Theories And Brief Review

 2. Summary of the JJK Chapter 250

 As we all know Yuta’s domain allows him to set a technique he had previously copied to set as his Domain’s Sure Hit effect, but what about the other Techniques he had copied? 

The other techniques that were Copied by Yuta are randomly scattered through the Katanas in his Domain.

Only Yuta can use the techniques in the katanas but he doesn’t know which Katana has which technique. Each Katana can only be used Once but their number is Infinite

The next panel shows that Yuta Sends Small Rika Shikigami to Attack Sukuna and Sukuna Blocks all of them. But Yuji Jumps on Sukuna with a barrage of Punches that shakes Sukuna’s Soul. Rika then emerges above Sukuna to Attack him but sukuna evades it

Sukuna then says that he can't use a hollow wicker basket and World Slash at the same time.

 Yuta then used Uro’s Space Bending Cursed technique and Rika launched Yuji as a Missile towards Sukuna. 

Sukuna realised that Yuji’s punches were damaging his Soul the same way they were damaging Mahito’s Soul and immediately understood that Yuji’s trying to Awaken Megumi’s Soul by disrupting the barrier between Megumi’s and Sukuna’s soul.

Sukuna is now unable to use his Domain due to the fight with Gojo Satoru and his Reversed Cursed technique is also not in its full power. He realised that as an after-effect of his battle with Gojo his Cursed Energy Output has dropped greatly and is now on the same level as Yuta.

Sukuna realised that every time Yuji punched him his Cursed energy Output fell even more. 

JJK Chapter 250 - Theories And Brief Review

Yuta’s plan is to stop Sukuna from Using his Hollow wicker Basket and attack him from Angel’s “Jacob’s ladder” which will destroy the Cursed object in Megumi. 

 Yuta then uses Inumaki Toge’s “Cursed Speech Manipulation” and freezes Sukuna. Rika then immediately thrashes Sukuna away. 

 Yuta and Yuji then rushed over to attack Sukuna but Sukuna countered by sending Slashes towards both of them. He then jumped on Rika and attacked her with his slashes by directly touching her and leaving a critical blow.

Sukuna noticed that the Jujutsu High sorcerers who came to fight him had their defence enhanced, Yuji learned the Reversed Cursed Technique and Yuta’s Domain was only targeting Sukuna.

 Sukuna then asked Yuta and Yuji what have they been up to last month and how did they achieved all this.

Yuji then replied to sukuna “Hard Work and Determination” while Yuta said that they Cheated. 

Yuta says that if it weren’t for the battle with Gojo Sensei Sukuna would not been this weak and killed all of them immediately. He knows that this is his best chance to Stop Sukuna and if he doesn’t then it will be a massacre.

Sukuna then hopes that all his Copied techniques are over and at that moment Yuta uses Sukuna’s Cleave on him and slashes his face. 

• This was the end of the chapter. 

 3. Important Confirmations:

 • Sukuna Cursed energy output has fallen greatly. 

 • Yuta can use Sukuna's “Cleave”  

• Itadori’s Punches can help in awakening Megumi’s Soul

JJK Chapter 250 - Theories And Brief Review

4. Art Work Style 

The artwork of this chapter is good as always I really like all the manga panels of JJK 250 and if you ask me my favourite panel was the Panel of Yuta using Cursed Speech Manipulation.

5. Reader’s Perspective:

This was the end of the chapter 250. We will get the leaks on chapter 251 next week without a Break. 
But again, the overall chapter is interesting The most interesting thing in the recent chapters is that we see sukuna doing 3 v 1 with Yuta, rika and Yuji (well well well how the turntables ) Is that a foreshadowing of Sukuna losing? or getting karma 

JJK Chapter 250 - Theories And Brief Review

 6. Predictions and Theories:

In our post on 18 Jan of chapter 248, we predicted that Itadori had Already Achieved his Cursed Technique. In the recent chapter, we saw that Sukuna's Soul is being damaged by Yuji’s Punches. after seeing Yuta's domain and his potential to copy Cleave, maybe he can also copy itadori CT I have an interesting question Can Sukuna World Slash can cut the domain, i think it is possible but again it's just my theory.