Who Is Igris ? The First Shadow Of Sung Jin Woo

Blood-Red Commander Igris is the first shadow of Sung Jin Woo. and he is a very special character from the story. he appears in the job change arc
Igris is the first shadow of Sung Jin Woo. and he is a very special character from the story as well as the fans' perspective. he appears in the job change arc and this arc has a special place among readers as it contains Igris and the most iconic powers of sung ji Woo its shadow extraction and the command phrase for power activation ‘Arise’ is seen the first time.

lets back to the topic so how Igris become a shadow? and who was Igris before Let know all these answers

who is Igris ? the first shadow of sung jin woo

Who Was Igris?

Blood-Red Commander Igris, is depicted as a large knight. He is covered from head to toe in red armor and a red cape. He also has a long red hair-like ornament extending out of the back of his helmet

Igris once served the Shadow Monarch Ashborn during his war with the Rulers eons ago. After Ashborn decided to retire and find a human successor to pass down his powers, he tasked Blood-Red Commander Igris with testing his successor in battle when the time was right.

after defeating blood red commander Igris , a special job-changing quest appears to defeat all monster remaining, and based on how long you survive you will get extra points after a long battle sung jin woo with his powers and luck he defeats all monsters and acquired a job necromancer and because of extra points for survival he gets an instant promotion to shadow lord in which he can summon the dead and save them to his shadow army to summon again

Igris: The First Shadow

after gaining the shadow extraction skills Sung Jin Woo has the ability to extract shadows of death soldiers and monsters and the shadow extraction success rate depends upon the defeated person's level and using the skill within a certain time. the skill has three chances to extract shadow

when using shadow extraction power on Igris it failed two times and after a third and final chance sung jin Woo said: “Stop protecting the seat of someone who is already left and try protecting me, who is in front of you”. and said arise and that's how blood-red commander Igris gets resurrected as the shadow of a level 7 rank: knight

Igris, the shadow of Blood-Red Commander Igris, is covered from head to toe in jet-black armor that emits a light blue glow. A distinguishing feature of Igris is his tattered black cape.  even his shadow also has a long red hair-like ornament extending out of the back of his helmet . he has glowing blue eyes seen from the helmet, This imposing figure truly sets Igris apart as a formidable character in Solo Leveling.

who is Igris ? the first shadow of sung jin woo

Characteristics and personality of Igris

while battle between him and sung jin woo , Sung Jin woo weapons got destroyed and he decided to fight with bare hands with Igris, at that moment Igris dropped his weapons as well showing a chivalrous and confident personality despite having a menacing look and skilled battel skills Igris is very loyal and respectful to his master and, Igris believes in the importance of education, as shown by how he argued with Bellion that little master (suho) would be better off studying in school instead of learning how to fight.

Igris always fulfill sung jin woo orders and always kneels down after finishing a battle in front of him showing immense respect to his master

A noticeable habit of Igris which shows his determination to his orders is he always presents the head of the defeated enemy in front of Sung Jin woo

How strong was Igris?

as stated by Sung Jin Woo igris can handle an easily Ranked hunter on toe-to-toe without falling behind it shows igris potential. and important note is that his powers were sealed at that time technically because of Sung Jin Woo.

How powerful is Igris?

After Sung Jin Woo is promoted to new shadow monarch igris unlocks his old powers and is promoted to marshal grade which is the highest rank in the shadow army and only three shadows have it including igris

As a Marshal Grade Shadow, Igris is an immensely powerful individual. He is also one of the strongest shadows in Jinwoo's army and is only rivaled by Beru and surpassed by Bellion a question that is popular among fans is who is strongest between igris and Beru

who is Igris ? the first shadow of sung jin woo

Who is stronger Beru or Igris?

it's not confirmed in the novel but some people prefer Igris is stronger than Beru because Igris was already a marshal grade but is power was sealed but Bellion is the strongest shadow in Sung Jin woo army because he defeated Beru so according to many fans ranking is Bellion>Igris>Beru

Igris Ailities

Immense Strength: Igris possesses immense physical strength, as shown by how he was able to hold off the Frost Monarch on his own long enough for Jinwoo to return to the battlefield.

dominators touch: Igris is able to move and control objects from a distance to a certain limit

Conversation: Igris gained the ability to speak when he reached Marshal Ran

Regeneration: Igris also possesses regeneration because he is a shadow

Igris’ Role in the Storyline

igris plays a very important role in the story by testing new shadow monarch successors' abilities and having amazing iconic moments and his iconic habits win the hearts of readers igris is very loyal and has served his role since Ashborn became a shadow monarch and till now serving for shadow monarch
we all see Igris growth throughout the Sung Jin Woo journey and he gives some iconic manga/manhwa panels to readers for example his first appearance and fight between Frost monarch and spending time with little master etc.


Igris played a significant role in solo leveling and fans are again very hyped up because they can see his first menacing entry again in solo leveling anime and all fans are pleased that their favorite manhwa finally gets an anime adaptation.