JJK Chapter 248 - Theories And Brief Review

jujutsu kaisen chp 248 gives important info about few most important character animewithsenpai discussed ,detailed review and special theories in 248

 1. Jujutsu kaisen manga chapter 248 overview 

According to one of the official JJK chapters 248 and chapter 249 are very Astounding cliffchangers. The recent Spoilers have Delivered us the long-awaited entry of Yuta in the Battlefield to fight sukuna. it has also shown us more Capabilities of Yuji...

2. Summary of the JJK Chapter 248

JJK Chapter 248 - Theories And Brief Review

the recent chapter starts with Yuji failing to kill Sukuna with the executioner sword and the sword now vanishes as Higuruma is dead and sukuna sees Ui Ui Arriving teleporting near Higuruma's corpse and teleporting back with his body, Sukuna then understands that they have been doing this from a long time and helping the injured get healed by Shoko and taking away the body of people who were killed by Sukuna. he also saw that Yuji was not Teleported from the battlefield even once yet his injuries were healed and that Sukuna Understood that Yuji Learned how to use Reversed Cursed technique in the Past Month and now is using his RCT to hold his against Sukuna and then the Chapter showed us yuji healing his injury. Sukuna Still finds Yuji uninteresting but Sukuna is shown irritated because he claims that he never pursues any Ideals and the people he killed today died while pursuing theirs the Main thing that irritates him is no matter how many times he tries to kill Yuji ideal and his soul but yuji stood up again and again without giving up. then our goat Yuta enters the fight and Rika emerges out and overpowers Sukuna. Sukuna Acknowledges Rika as the "Queen of Curses

3. Important confirmations 

JJK Chapter 248 - Theories And Brief Review

so we get many confirmations throughout the chapter most important ones GOJO AND KENJAKU are dead as confirmed by sukuna and Kusakabe respectively.  sukuna can start the merging process at any time at his will but he decides to kill Yuji and all jujutsu sorcerers and then fight Tengen than decide and Yuta enters the battle and in the ending, we see a clash between the queen of curses: rika and king of curses: sukuna

4. Artwork and Style

the artwork of this chapter is good as always I really like all the manga panels of JJK 248 and if you ask me my favourite panel it will be the last panel where Rika appears and taunts sukuna angrily and games of sukuna vs Rika

JJK Chapter 248 - Theories And Brief Review

5. Reader’s Perspective

we have to wait three weeks straight to get this chapter and I think it's very good but it's not worth the wait because we have to wait ANOTHER WEEK AGAIN (Lobotomy kaisen will definitely will achieved 120% ) for queen vs king in next chapter (ahh cliffhangers always like this )**. but again overall chapter is interesting we get insight into how the story will go in the next few chapters.

I really love to see our original MC Itadori get some recognition from sukuna himself and we see his improvement and learning rct which leads to more theories and we will definitely cover all interesting theories at animewithsenpai.

6. Predictions and Theories

we all know the next chapter's highlight will be King of Curses vs Queen of Curses basically Yuta vs sukuna but in this chaos, most of us forget Itadori's cursed technique !!!
according to me, itadori achieved his cursed technique because if he could learn RCT in one month then definitely he acquired his cursed technique and till today (chapter 248 ) itadori hands transformation we don't know anything and I am definitely sure it is related to his cursed technique because it does not look like choso blood hardening because  it also has kind of blades at his forearms

JJK Chapter 248 - Theories And Brief Review

7. Conclusion

  1. gojo  death is confirmed
  2. kenjaku is dead confirmed
  3. higuruma is dead  confirmed
  4. Megumi's soul is still alive
  5. sukuna/ Megumi can activate curse terrorism aka merging process any time
  6. itadori can be used reversed cursed technique
  7. we will see Yuta vs sukuna / Queen of Curses vs King of Curses