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Zenin Maki is one of the main Supporting characters in the Jujutsu kaisen series and one of the most Badass Anime Female in the Anime World.
kon'nichiwa Nakamas, In this Article we are going to cover everything we know about Maki Senpai. As we all know that Zenin Maki is one of the main Supporting characters in the Jujutsu kaisen series and one of the most Badass Anime Female in the Anime World. Maki in the beginning of the series was shown as an average character who was mistreated by her Family because of her being a very weak sorcerer but the series also showed her glow-up and today she became the Most Powerful non-Sorcerer.

Early life and background of Zenin Maki

  Maki was born in the Zenin Clan. Zenin Clan is one of the big three Clans in jujutsu kaisen and are known to have exceptional powers as a Sorcerer clan. The members of the Zenin Clan Specially men are very arrogant and egoistic, the clan’s thinking is very old fashioned and they only respect power and the weak in the clan are always mistreated.

what is heavenly restrictions ? and what maki's heavenly restrictions 

Maki was born with a condition known as Heavenly Restriction. Heavenly restriction is a condition where a person who was supposed to be born as a Sorcerer is affected and losses most of their physical abilities or Cursed energy but gains the opposite. For eg. If a person is affected by heavenly restriction his/her most of the Cursed energy will be taken away but they will get great amount of Physical strength or vice versa. The only known restrictions are Maki Zenin, Toji Zenin and Kokichi Muta (Mechamaru). Mechamaru was affected with heavenly restriction and it took away his physical health but gave him a great output of Cursed energy. Toji Zenin was the Unique example of Heavenly Restriction as there was no amount of Cursed energy left in his body and he completely became a non-sorcerer but he received a very high amount of Physical strength and other Physical abilities. Toji was easily at a level of that of Special Grade sorcerer. Maki was affected by heavenly restriction but it didn’t took away all of her Cursed energy and as a result she was not given as much strength as Toji.

zenin maki relation with zenin mai

Maki had a twin sister named Mai who also was a very average sorcerer with a very less output of Cursed energy. Mai was treated the same way as Maki that is very Harshly. They both had a very bad upbringing and they only had each other as their family rest everyone in the family hated them. When Maki left the Zenin clan to join the Jujutsu high and become a First grade Sorcerer Mai was irritated as Maki had Promised Mai that she will be always with her. Mai was also sent to become a Sorcerer in the Jujutsu high in Comparison with Maki. Zenin Clan constantly kept interfering in Maki’s position as a Sorcerer and kept her at Grade four even though she was Classified as a Grade Second sorcerer. Maki was unable to see Curses because of her Low Output of Cursed energy and she had to wear Cursed Glasses which helped her to see Curses. Maki is Shown as Somewhat Strict and Cold hearted in behaviour but she his very kind-hearted and deeply Cares about her Friends. Maki was the one who trained Yuta about how to use Sword. Maki also defeated Mai and Miwa in the Tokyo Exchange event which was covered in Season One.

zenin maki awakening / True potentail unlocks 

  After the Shibuya Incident Maki was Burned by Special grade Curse Jogo and was Severely Wounded by those Flames. Half of her Body is now covered by Burn marks. After Megumi accepted the role of the leader of the Zenin Clan he gave Maki the permission to go and withdraw all the Cursed weapon in the Zenin Clan’s warehouse and use them as she please. But when Maki went to did so she was attacked by her own father Shogi Zenin. Shogi took Mai as a hostage to lure Maki and then beat both of them horribly and took them to the Zenin Clan training room. The Zenin clan training room is a room which is full of grade two cursed spirits which they use for training purposes and to punish the guilty. Shogi then left both of them in the room to die while accusing them for being weak.
After shogi left the room Mai and Maki were attacked by the Cursed Spirits but before the Curses could do anything Mai sacrificed her life to make a Cursed Weapon named “Soul Splitter” and gave it to Maki and took a promise from her to destroy the Zenin clan. Seeing her sister die in front of her became the reason for awakening Mai’s true Potential and then the little amount of Cursed energy which was in Maki left and she became exactly like Toji. 

Maki wielded the Cursed weapon and instantly killed all the curses surrounding her and then killed Shogi out of pure Rage. After killing Shogi all the Zenin clan members started attacking her but she was like an unstoppable force and then she killed all of them without breaking a Sweat. When the former head’s Son Zenin Naoya came to fight her she had a little amount of Difficulty because of his technique but eventually she understood his technique and defeated him easily. Maki thought that Naoya died and then she left the Zenin clan’s Base but he was alive and then Maki’s mother killed Naoya with a normal kitchen Knife and as a result Naoya became a Special grade curse and after sometime he attacked Notritoshi Kamo and Maki. But Maki with the help of some other players defeated Naoya again and then killed him this time.

 Recent events 

Maki also fought with Sukuna after he swapped bodies with Megumi and even Sukuna the king of Cuses recognised her strength and left the battlefield as she gave him a tough fight. Currently in the Shinjuku showdown arc where everyone is giving their best to kill Sukuna in the final battle Maki’s long-awaited entry is made and she made a entry with stabbing Sukuna in his Chest with her Soul Splitter Katana. Now we will get our next update till this coming Friday.