JJK Chapter 249 - Theories And Brief Review

. The recent JJK 249 Manga have Delivered us Domain Expansion of Yuta in the Battlefield and its true power. it has also shown us more about yuji CT

1. Jujutsu kaisen manga chapter 249 overview 

Hey, Guys Senpai is back with the info and leaks on Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 249, As we all know jujutsu Kaisen manga is currently one of the top Sellers Manga in the last 2 years and the Anime adaption as well and the Movie was a totally hit. So currently Jujutsu kaisen is going through one of the most interesting and Brutal arcs called Shinjuku Showdown Arc where there is a Showdown between the Strongest fighters in the JJK world. In the Last Chapter (i.e. Chapter 248) Yuta and Rika Joined the fight against Sukuna and Rika starts attacking Sukuna and the chapter ends there. 

 According to one of the official JJK chapters 248 and chapter 249 are very Astounding cliffhangers. The recent Spoilers have Delivered us the long-awaited Domain Expansion of Yuta on the Battlefield and its true power. it has also shown us more Capabilities of Yuji.

2. Summary of the JJK Chapter 249 

 1. The Chapter starts with the time when Yuta beheaded Kenjaku. After Kenjaku’s head fell down the Cursed spirits in his body started getting out of control and attacked Yuta immediately. 

 2. Yuta was already prepared for this outcome because he predicted that after killing Kenjaku the Cursed spirit Bound with Geto's Technique of "Cursed Spirit Manipulation" would go out of Control and start Rampaging. 

 3. He started fighting the Cursed Spirit and then called Rika for her help and she cleaned all the rampaging Cursed Spirits. 

 4. Kenjaku's severed head started to float and he gave Kogane the command to add a rule that gave Fushiguro Megumi the authority to initiate the great merger between humans and Tengen.

5. He then sent the Tengen embryo towards Sukuna and Yuta pierced his sword into Kenjaku’s head. 

 6. Kenjaku says that he didn’t have much fun in this millennium but he was glad that he fought Takaba.

 7. While facing Sukuna Yuta realised that if he had been here from the beginning of the Fight the plan of killing Sukuna with the executioner's sword would have been probably successful. He blamed himself for this and started fighting Sukuna.  

 8. Yuta realized that Sukuna will soon recover enough and be able to use his Domain.

 9. Yuta was determined to kill Kenjaku because he never wanted Gojo to kill his best friend’s body and due to this he was not able to join the fight from the beginning therefore Yuta blamed himself for this situation. Ultimately, he decided to end all of this by killing Sukuna.

 10. Yuta then used his Domain expansion: True Love.

 11. Yuta’s Domain was full of Swords and was Indeed very beautiful. Sukuna then used “Hollow Wicker basket” an attack in which Sukuna Uses his slashes to cover Himself in a defensive formation. Sukuna used this attack to Counter the Sure hit effect of the Domain due to which he was not able to use his two hands and mouth in the battle.

 12. Yuta then used the attack “Thin Ice Breaker” which he copied from one of the Sorcerers in the Culling Game. 

 13. Sukuna Knew that Yuta’s Cursed technique was "Copy" because he saw it in Megumi’s memories and immediately understood his plan and realised that Itadori was also in the domain waiting to Strike Sukuna and Grab his Soul to separate Sukuna from Megumi’s Body.

 14. Sukuna then tells Itadori that he’s Glad that Itadori finally got a Role in this showdown.

 3. Important confirmations 

kenjaku is dead and successfully passed his will/plan.

Itadori Yuji got the cursed technique (finally) something related to soul snatching/separating.

I am very excited to see fan theories related to Yuji techniques before JJK chp 250

4. Artwork and Style

 The artwork of this chapter is good as always I really like all the manga panels of JJK 249 and if you ask me my favourite panel it will be the Panel of Yuta’s Domain Expansion. 

5. Reader’s Perspective

 This was the end of the chapter 249. We will get the leaks on chapter 250 next week without a Break. But again, overall chapter is interesting we get insight into how the story will go in the next few chapters. I really love to see both  MC Itadori and Yuta finally getting screen time and Yuji getting CT and also some recognition from sukuna himself and we see his improvement and learning rct in the last chapter which leads to more theories and we will definitely cover all interesting theories at animewithsenpai.

6. Predictions and Theories 

 In our post on 18 Jan of chapter 248 we predicted that Itadori had Already Achieved his Cursed Technique and in this Chapter, Sukuna Said something about Grabbing his soul through Itadori’s Strike. Maybe this is Something related to Itadori’s technique and he has the technique which is related to the power of Soul.

 7. Conclusion

 1. Sukuna is very close to fully recovering his Powers. 

 2. Kenjaku is dead

 3. Yuta’s Domain is Awesome.

 4. And I think the most important part is that Itadori has Something up his Sleeve.