JJK chapter 252 Spoilers and Overview

JJK Chapter 252 starts with Kusakabe explain Ino and Maki to be ready and surround the barriers so that Sukuna doesn’t get any Blind Spots.

 Konnichiwa Nakamas,

1.   Jujutsu kaisen manga chapter 251 overview:-

Senpai is back with the Spoilers and info of JJK chapter 252 so let us remember what we saw in the last Chapter.

As we all know that couple of the last chapters are focused on Yuta and Yuji V/S Sukuna but in the last chapter after hitting Sukuna with a Critical Attack Sukuna also used his World Cut Slash on Yuta and Yuji which breaks Yuta’s Domain and then Maki Zenin attacks Sukuna surprisingly with the Soul Splitter katana. Maki is the Current strongest non Sorcerer in the world with strength on par with Fushiguro Toji and she also wields the Special grade weapon Soul Splitter katana, which can damage the Soul when attacked.

Now let us see how this battle Unfolds.

2.   Summary of the JJK Chapter:-

The Chapter starts with Kusakabe explain Ino and Maki to be ready and surround the barriers so that Sukuna doesn’t get any Blind Spots.

He then tells Ino that when Yuta shatters a part of his Domain Maki will jump at Sukuna with a Surprise Attack and tell him to concentrate on that signal. Ino then asks Kusakabe that more of the sorcerers should enter the barrier but Kusakabe declines saying that this could lead to Sukuna understanding their plan.

Suddenly they all feel that the Domain is about to break and everyone gets on their battle stance at the moment at which Yuta’s domain shatters Maki Attacks Sukuna with her Katana Stabbing through his Heart. Kusakabe describes this as the best- and worst-case scenario because Yuta is down and they get a chance to land a very Critical blow on the king of curses.

Rika is then seen Crying and Carrying Yuta away from Sukuna and then Ui Ui teleports in front of them and then takes Yuta to Ieiri to heal him.

Sukuna Clearly understands their plan and then realizes that having no Cursed energy in Maki helps her to transport between barriers without any restrictions and the Cursed tool was already placed inside the Domain.

Sukuna realizes that the wound from the katana is healing much slower than other wounds. The narrator then explains that the wound inflicted by the Soul Splitter Katana damages the soul and normal RCT cannot heal this Wound. To heal a damaged Soul, one needs to know the Outline of his Soul or he cannot heal it. Sukuna’s Experience in Inhabiting another Human’s body has helped him in knowing the Outline of his Soul and Sukuna tries to heal it but as a result of Gojo’s Battle Sukuna is Currently not in the Shape to heal his Soul.


Itadori is not hurt by World Slash because Yuta took the full hit and Itadori is shown trying to join Maki in the battle but he suddenly fell on his knees and started coughing up blood. Itadori doesn’t have enough experience in using RCT and as a result, he realizes that there is some part of his body that is not healed but he cannot figure it out. But then the Big Bro Choso came in clutch and helped Itadori Calm his mind and circulate his blood in every corner of his body so that he could use the RCT correctly.

On the other hand, Maki is shown fighting Sukuna 1 on 1 and pushing him. Sukuna tries to grab Maki’s katana but the moment he grabs the tip Maki smiles and throws him away.

Sukuna then attacks her with a powerful Slash using Enchantment but she dodges it and Sukuna realises that Maki can see his Slashes much better than any other Sorcerer. Sukuna even Compares Maki with Mahoraga back when he fought him in Shibuya.  Maki then realizes that Sukuna is using Cursed energy to forcefully beat his Heart while Simultaneously Healing his Heart.

Maki then asked Sukuna that will he be able to continue that while fighting with her but Sukuna replied that he hardly had any difficulty in these fights and he could keep that up.


The wait is over my friends here is our betting Champion HAKARI SAMA.  The battle between Uraume and Hakari is not shown but they both have sustained much damage in their battle and Senpai thinks that they are equally matched in each and every aspect.

Hakari compares Sukuna's true form with The Great Hulk and says that he was worried when Sukuna showed his true form but not anymore as he can feel Sukuna’s Cursed energy going downwards but Uraume counters by Saying that Sukuna is yet to show interest in this battle.

Uraume Claims that Sukuna is not going all out yet because he is not yet interested in this battle but if is fully serious the Scenery of this battle and Sukuna’s Cursed energy will be different and mocks the sorcerer of the present age that they could not present anything like Gojo Satoru.

3.   Important confirmations: -

Sukuna was holding back still while fighting with Yuta in his domain.

Sukuna is shown as going all out in the last Manga Panel.

Hakari and Uraume are mostly equally Matched in their power.

4. Artwork and Style

The Artwork in this Chapter was Awesome as always and if you ask Senpai about his favorite Panel then it would be the panel where Maki smiles and throws away the King of the Curses.

5. Reader’s Perspective

This was the end of the chapter 252. We will get the leaks on chapter 253 next week without a break and the series is celebrating its Seven Years of Serialization next week. But again, overall chapter is interesting we get insight into how the story will go in the next few chapters. The Most interesting thing is we will finally see the King of Curses going All Out.

6. Predictions and Theories 

As we all saw Sukuna has now Picked Interest in fighting Maki and started to go all out but senpai thinks that the conclusion of this battle against Maki will be out Soon in the next chapter and we are about to see something very Interesting. Senpai thinks that the Character who has not received much spotlight till today will act and show us his real power in the coming Chapters( by the way senpai is talking about Kusakabe).