JJK Chapter 253 Spoilers and overview

JJK Chapter 253 starts with a flashback about a discussion on Who is the strongest first-grade sorcerer Gojo, Mei Mei, and Nanami all said Kusakabe

 Konnichiwa Nakamas,

1.Jujutsu kaisen manga chapter 251 overview:-

 Senpai is Back with the spoilers and Info on JJK chapter 253 so before the latest spoilers let us remember what we saw in the last chapter

As we all know Yuta is Severely injured by Sukuna’s world cut and the last chapter was focused on Maki vs Sukuna. Maki had been pushing Sukuna with her extraordinary Strength in the last chapter and we saw Hakari and Uraume arguing about which side will win. Hakari confessed that he was afraid when he saw Sukuna’s true form but now he is Sure that the Jujutsu high will win Uraume counters with the talk that Sukuna is yet to take interest in the current battle and he is not using his full power yet. In the last panel, we saw that Sukuna is about to go serious. Let us see what happens now:

2.   Summary of the JJK Chapter:-

The Chapter starts with a flashback about a discussion on Who is the strongest first-grade sorcerer Gojo, Mei Mei, and Nanami all said that Kusakabe is the strongest First-grade sorcerer and Kusakabe declined this fact.


The Flashback ends and the fight between the strongest Sorcerer and the strongest non-sorcerer is on screen again. Sukuna attacks Maki with another Slash and she dodges it again but the building in the back gets cut and starts falling towards Maki. The cars parked in the building start falling and Sukuna uses this to his advantage and starts throwing those cars towards Maki 

Maki gets Pushed back by the impact of the car and Ino tries to attack Sukuna with his technique but Sukuna counters his attack and asks him "Weren’t you were with the Cursed tool(Nanami’s cursed tool)" Kusakabe jumps on Sukuna from above and attacks him from Nanami’s Cursed tool but Sukuna counters it too and Kusakabe immediately understood that Sukuna figured out his Plan.

Maki joins the fight back and hits Sukuna with a heavy blow and then says that even if Yuta is healed and joins the battle it will be all useless if the fight continues much longer. Maki decides to finish Sukuna quickly.

The Narrator explains that “After the death of Gojo Satoru, Kashimo, Higuruma, and Yuta they all showed Sukuna their Phenomenal performance of Jujutsu and Sukuna was thrilled but the one who made Sukuna the most excited is Maki as she has completely discarded her Jujutsu and got this phenomenal Strength from the Heavenly Restriction and this fact left the King of curses Thrilled”.

Sukuna started taking this very seriously and Jumped on Maki immediately grabbed her face and attacked her with his Slashes. After this attack, a part of Maki’s face was Severed away. Sukuna praised Maki by Saying that she was not like Yuji and that she removed every bit of jujutsu from her.

Sukuna said that if Jujutsu is Skin and Flesh then Maki is purely Bones and Marrow and asked Maki can she understand that Her Existence rejects that of the Sorcerers. Sukuna Asks himself  "Which is more Worthy to Polish Jujutsu or Physical strength?"

Sukuna also confesses that this is the first time Someone has actually given him a Duty and immediately stops using his RCT and stops Maki’s attack by grabbing her Sword and attacking her with a Black Flash on her stomach which makes Maki fly away.

Now the only ones standing on the battlefield are Kusakabe and Sukuna. Kusakabe is shown Complaining as Always but he is ready to fight Sukuna and he takes his battle stance and the Chapter ends there.



3.   Important confirmations: -

Sukuna was thrilled while fighting with Maki more than anybody else

Kusakabe is the most powerful first-grade Sorcerer

4. Artwork and Style

The Artwork in this Chapter was Awesome as always and if you ask Senpai about his favorite Panel then it would be the panel where Sukuna was feeling most thrilled about Maki's Existence and attacked her.


5. Reader’s Perspective

This was the end of the chapter 253. We will get the leaks on chapter 254 after the break which is next week and it is going to be amazing as the one who will now fight Sukuna is Kusakabe whose battle power is currently unknown.

6. Predictions and Theories 

As we all know the final on Standing from Jujutsu High is Kusakabe and the readers are currently unaware of his techniques and power but senpai thinks that he will be the one most entertaining.