JJK Chapter 254 Overview.

Jujutsu kaisen manga Chapter 251 overview:-

Senpai is Back after a long time with the info on JJK Chapter 254. So let us recall what we saw in the last Chapter.

As we all know after Yuta is Severely injured Maki joins the battle and fights Sukuna and now in the last chapter, we see that Sukuna defeated Maki with a Black Flash and the only remaining Sorcerer on the battlefield is Kusakabe. Kusakabe is known as the strongest Grade 1 Sorcerer acknowledged by Even Gojo Satoru. In the latest Chapter, we will see how the battle between the Strongest Grade 1 Sorcerer and the King of Curses turns out.

Summary of the JJK Chapter:-

The Chapter Starts with Sukuna and Kusakabe taking their battle against Stance and Kusakabe using Simple Domain and his Sword drawing technique. Sukuna needs clarification as to why Kusakabe is using a sword-drawing technique against Someone who can send Slashes flying. Kusakabe Calls his Technique “New Shadow Style: Simple Domain Evening Moon Sword Drawing”.Sukuna then attacks Kusakabe with Slashes but Kusakabe Deflects all of them with his Sword and Sukuna is Surprised by his reaction time.

Kusakabe explains that by using his Simple Domain his Cursed energy output will increase because of the domain and Sukuna’s Power will decrease Somewhat. Still, the main advantage is that he can Automatically attack anything that enters his Domain. Kusakabe thinks that he can read Sukuna’s Slashes by focusing on his movements and his Cursed energy sparks and it will help him deflect his slashes better but suddenly Sukuna sends a Slash so fast that Kusakabe Barely just Deflects it.

Sukuna is Impressed by Kusakabe’s Technique and Sukuna now plans to use the World Cutting Slash on him but Kusakabe already felt his Plan and then we see flash back where everyone is again Discussing Kusakabe’s Power.

In the flashback, Mei mei alongside Ui Ui says “In terms of physical Strength Nanami and I are the more Powerful” and Nanami says that it is hard to imagine Kusakabe Losing a battle. Nanami also says that Kusakabe is an excellent swordsman with a Wide Variety of combos and barrier techniques and also has strong Analytical and Decision-Making Skills based on their immense Knowledge of Jujutsu. Gojo explains further that he also has a couple of Trump Cards and Simple Domain.

Gojo explains that beginners need Binding Wow to use Simple Domain. For reference, Miwa can only use the Simple domain by keeping both her feet on the ground while activation, But Kusakabe does it without a binding wow and the range on his simple domain is crazy. Mei Mei further explains that New Shadow-style Sword drawing is a counter technique that is useful when the opponent is attacking first but Kusakabe can increase his domain’s range and draw his opponent into the domain. And the Domain’s automatic attack program attacks anything that enters its domain.

In the next Panel, we see that Kusakabe increased his domain’s range took Sukuna inside his Domain and attacked him with a number of sword combos. Nanami had previously mentioned that he couldn’t think of anyone who could hold one's ground against that attack. 

Sukuna then breaks Kusakabe’s sword and Kusakabe takes off his Coat and starts throwing Punches at Sukuna. Kusakabe realizes that this isn’t like him and why is he fighting so hard and remembers that he owes Yaga and it is for his sake he is trying so hard. Kusakabe stops thinking about the Past and starts concentrating hard on the battle and realizes that Miwa and others are also a Player in the culling game and if he is defeated than Sukuna will also Kill them and after so many kids risked their life it is his Duty as an Adult to do the same.

Kusakabe uses the “New shadow style: Hazy Moon” technique due to which he repairs his broken sword and attacks Sukuna with it but Sukuna catches the Sword with his 2 fingers and tells Kusakabe that he was aiming for his damaged heart and that was too easy to read and then Kusakabe was defeated off-screened with a cross slash on his body.

Ui ui arrives to help Kusakabe but Sukuna was waiting for this moment he attacks Ui ui and tells him that he is starting to get annoying but suddenly someone saves Ui ui and he is none other than Miguel the man who was able to stop Gojo on his own for a great amount of time. Sukuna says to Miguel that he is not able to recognize him and Miguel replies by saying that he must live under a rock if he doesn't know him.

We will get the update on chapter 255 next week.